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The heat pump is an increasingly popular solution every year. Depending on the type, it uses heat accumulated in the air, water or ground.

It is one of the most economical, effective and ecological ways of obtaining hot water and heating the house.

Are you thinking about heating your building and water with a heat pump? Find out more about the types of heat pumps, their applications and the requirements that must be met for the installation to work properly.



Heat pumps are divided according to the type of source from which the heat is obtained.

We distinguish:

  • air pump (receiving heat from the air)
  • ground pump (receiving heat from the ground)
  • water pump (receiving heat from water)


Its popularity is growing, because it does not require high costs at the start.

They are ecological, safe and energy-saving.

The source of heat is the air taken from the outside. It is divided into air-air type (transport of heat inside) and air-water type (heat transported to the heating circuit and hot water tank).

The air pump can be used in all conditions. In this case, however, it is necessary to equip the property with another, additional source of heating, which will support the operation of the pump or replace it during the period of the greatest temperature differences inside and outside the rooms.

It is recommended to combine such a heat pump with low-temperature systems, eg floor heating.


It is very often used in Poland and has the largest share in newly built installations.

The source of heat is the ground. It can be used both to provide heat to the heating circuit and to a domestic hot water tank.

Its advantages include high efficiency of operation, which makes the pump the only source of heating the property.

The drawback is that when using a horizontal heat exchanger, the plot area must be large.

In turn, when using vertical probes, drilling must be quite deep – reaching 100 meters.


It is also characterized by high energy efficiency, even higher than ground pumps.

The basic condition for installing this type of heat pump is access to a river, lake or pond. In the absence of access to open source, you can find another solution. It is enough to dig two heat pump wells. This solution will be more expensive, but such an idea has the right to life.

Taking into account the principles of heat pump operation, it can be concluded that a system that uses a water heat pump supplies heat to the building as efficiently as possible.

The advantages include no maintenance by the user, cheap in operation compared to other heating sources, constant ground temperature ensures stable pump operation conditions.

It can be the only source of heating the house.

The problem is high investment costs.

The external power source for the pump can be electricity, oil or gas.


In your absence, the devices will constantly ensure that the home is at the right temperature, and moments before you return, you can set the perfect temperature for your return.

Gas Installations and Boilers

We provide professional gas installation and boiler services. Our team of experts ensures safe and efficient installation and maintenance of gas systems and boilers.”


Gas boilers are very popular, especially among investors starting to modernize the heating system at home.

Modern gas-fired boilers are energy-saving devices, while ensuring high comfort of use.

By a gas boiler with the GLEWER company, you can be sure that its power will be adapted to your building, which will make it easy to maintain the right temperature.


Sanitary Installations

We offer a wide range of sanitary installation services. Our team of experts ensures high-quality installation and maintenance of sanitary systems.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions for your heating and sanitary needs. From heat pump installation to sanitary systems, we have got you covered.


We help our clients obtain funding for the installation of heat pumps. With us, the process is simple and stress-free.

Improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by replacing heat sources and improving the energy efficiency of single-family residential buildings.

The program is aimed at owners and tenants of farms with an area of ​​1 to 300 hectares.They can receive a subsidy for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic and wind installations, heat pumps and accompanying energy storage facilities.

Support for the development of individual heating and the development of prosumer energy in the area of ​​air, water and ground heat pumps in new single-family residential buildings.

The relief allows you to deduct from your income (revenue) expenses related to the implementation of thermal modernization projects, replacement of heating sources and installation of renewable energy sources in single-family residential buildings.

If you have any questions or need more information about funding options, please don't hesitate to contact us

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